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Mr. Robot Patch Pocket Jacket

Since the popular, new hit TV series Mr. Robot aired last year, fans have been looking for an identical replica of the Mr. Robot patch pocket jacket in brown worn by Christian Slater.  Our Eisenhower Patch Pocket jacket is nearly identical to the Mr. Robot patch pocket jacket. While our Eisenhower Patch Pocket Jacket is a real jacket that is commonly used for industrial outdoor work attire, it’s the closest thing fans can find to the real thing, because it is the real thing. This is the exact type of patch pocket jacket used on the show.  To make it even more exact, it is available with the almost impossible to find red lining.

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The Mr. Robot Patch Pocket Jacket aka The Eisenhower is currently available, subject to change, in:

  • Color: Brown
  • Small / Regular with Red Lining
  • Medium / Regular with Black Lining
  • Medium / Regular with Red Lining
  • Large / Regular with Black Lining
  • Large/ Regular with Red Lining
  • XL / Regular with Black Lining
  • XL/ Regular with Red Lining
  • 2XL/ Regular with Black Lining
  • 4XL/ Regular with Red Lining

All jackets (with and without red lining) are available with or without the Mr. Robot Patch.

Mr. Robot Patch Pocket Jacket at Great Price

The Mr. Robot Patch Pocket Jacket is a great jacket with a solid brass zipper that would be a great piece for any fan of the show.  This same style of jacket being promoted as a great cosplay piece is online for over $100 at various venders and we are offering it at our everyday low price well under $100.

Order Mr. Robot Patch Pocket Jacket Today

To order click here and get your Mr. Robot style patch pocket jacket, like the one worn on the show or call us at 800.621.3344 if you have any questions. We also have an easy-to-use form below.


Work Clothing Programs

We also participate in work clothing programs such as offering work shirt, pants, coveralls, and jackets certified by the United States Postal Service. Automotive paint room coveralls approved by all locations of Chrysler, General Motors, and Honda. We sell flame resistant shirts, pants, coveralls, jackets, and shop coats that meet NFPA 70E standards and meet HRC1 and HRC2 levels of protection.

Beause we specialize in industrial work clothing, we make sure that everything we sell is engineered for sustainability.  We ensure that the fabrics used on all clothing have the highest standards of color retention, all garments are sewn using the strongest sewing operation, with the finest workmanship, and are constructed of the finest trims such as buttons made out of melamine which resists cracking.