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Flame Resistant Coveralls

Your Uniform Source carries a fantastic variety of flame resistant coveralls for workers and personal use to protect against heat and will not catch fire. To order flame resistant coveralls, click here to browse our selection but if you have questions call 800.621.3344 today or fill out the form below for more information.

Our flame resistant coveralls are used in a multitude of industries by all types of workers like:

  • Automotive Mechanic
  • Metal Refinery Worker
  • Hazardous Material Transport / Handling
  • Flammable Material Handling / Transport
  • Aviation Maintenance Worker
  • Oil or Gas Drilling Teams
  • Even Fire and Police Personnel
  • and more

Protection from Flames with Flame Resistant Coveralls

The main purpose of flame resistant coveralls is to protect the wearer in case of a fire, long enough to get the wearer away from the flames. The coveralls will not directly catch fire and they are meant as a barrier from fire but are not 100% flame proof. The flame resistant coveralls can heat up like anything else if left exposed to direct flames.

If you or your employees are exposed to anything combustibles, open flame heat sources, or Arc type welding work then flame resistant coveralls are right for you. The flame resistant coverall material is specially designed and coated to stop the garment from catching or spreading fire to the skin.

Flame Resistant Coverall Details

Flame resistant coveralls from Your Uniform Source are available with a concealed snap closure and utilize Indura® ultra soft flame resistant material. Our flame resistant coveralls have a protective rating of HRC2 and an Arc Rating of ATPV 8.7 calories/cm2. The Indura® ultra soft flame resistant coveralls from Your Uniform Source are configured with two chest patch pockets, also with concealed snap closure, two front set-in pockets, and two hip patch pockets. As well as one ruler pocket. The waste is banded for a slight tapered fit.

You can also order your flame resistant coveralls in long which are two inches longer in body, sleeves, and legs.

Order Flame Resistant Coveralls Today

To order click here and find your choices of flame resistant coveralls or call us at 800.621.3344 if you have any questions. We also have an easy-to-use form below.

Work Clothing Programs

We also participate in work clothing programs such as offering work shirt, pants, coveralls, and jackets certified by the United States Postal Service. Automotive paint room coveralls approved by all locations of Chrysler, General Motors, and Honda. We sell flame resistant shirts, pants, coveralls, jackets, and shop coats that meet NFPA 70E standards and meet HRC1 and HRC2 levels of protection.

Beause we specialize in industrial work clothing, we make sure that everything we sell is engineered for sustainability.  We ensure that the fabrics used on all clothing have the highest standards of color retention, all garments are sewn using the strongest sewing operation, with the finest workmanship, and are constructed of the finest trims such as buttons made out of melamine which resists cracking.